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Ways Technology has Changed our Lives Forever

Technology has changed our lives forever through various ways. It has changed our day-to-day life in all aspects. It has made some benefits to our life as well as disadvantages to our life. It has also deprived a lot of things of our life like mailing greeting cards, letters to our loved ones, etc. today we are more dependent on technology such that we can’t exist a single day without mobile, social media, etc.


Virtual chat
Earlier whenever we wanted to contact our friends and relations the only option was to give a call to know about their whereabouts. However today we have come much closer than earlier. We know the person’s day to day life through the status but through the social media, we cannot make out the emotions that are involved. Instead of making a phone call we prefer chatting with the person online through Facebook chat and Twitter we feel more comfortable than the traditional phone calls. Even the important conversations are made through email and chat instead of personal meetings.
Learning system
The teaching pattern has been totally changed when we were young, we used to share notes with friends however now the notes system is disappeared as we save everything on a computer and share it through email. Even the virtual classrooms are more popular nowadays. You can get the knowledge on any subject from all over the world with the help of the online tutor. Whatever is your age, through such advancements, you can join the virtual classroom at your convenient time and from your flexible place.
Reading books
Earlier we used to purchase our favorite author books from a bookstore, however, there is no need to go to the bookstore most of the books are converted as an e-book you can find all types of books are available online now. Many shopping sites sell these e-books at a discounted rate online you also get a wide variety of options.
Everything with a click
With the technological advancement, we can do things with a click. In past individuals used to leave home for shopping, banking, hotel booking, booking tickets, dining, purchasing groceries, etc. now everything can be done online which has made our life easy. Owing to this we leave home a lesser number of times. Today, most of them travel only whenever it is quite necessary. As all other things are done online, we mostly live indoors and get very less fresh air which is not quite good for our health.
Parenting was like teaching kids through their own experiences. Even the books were the friends of kids and parents. There was no internet to show information on a topic and the videos. Parents use to prefer mostly the books, newspapers to teach their kids. With the advancement of technology, parenting has also been taught online. If parents want to teach their kids, they just go online in search on the topic. It is a boon to parents who wants to teach their kids everything before their age.



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